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Today's Date: June 24, 2021

Vivint is a high-end home security company that provides award-winning security equipment, 24/7 monitoring services, home automation and energy management to more than 1 million customers throughout the US and Canada.

One of the core things that sets Vivint apart from most home security providers is their emphasis on smart home solutions. As a leading smart home technology provider, Vivint’s goal is to help you create a smarter home with intelligently designed products that simplify your life.

While Vivint certainly offers more than the average home security provider, their high-end products and services definitely aren’t cheap. If you don’t mind spending a little more for premium home automation, Vivint could be just what you need.

Getting Started

While some home security providers offer a more hands-on DIY approach, Vivint’s trained experts handle everything from customizing your package to installing your equipment, so you don’t have to lift a finger. They also provide free in-home consultations should you want to talk things over in person before signing up.

You can get started with Vivint in three easy steps:

Step 1

Talk to an expert. Call a Vivint representative to discuss your specific home security needs and get a free quote, or schedule an in-home consultation.

Step 2

Build your system. One of Vivint’s Smart Home Pros will help you create a package and system that’s customized to your home and lifestyle.

Step 3

Get installed. Schedule professional installation by a Vivint Smart Home Pro at your convenience, and let them do all the hard work and heavy lifting.


Vivint charges a monthly service fee for monitoring and mobile app access, which does not include the cost of equipment. If you don’t need any home automation features you can opt for their Smart Protect plan, which is $39.99/month. If you want any home automation features or extras like smart door locks, cameras, and light/ thermostat control, you’ll need their Smart Home plan, which is $49.99/month.

Vivint offers both contract and month¬-to-month service agreements, though month-to-month agreements are only available when equipment is purchased in full upfront.
See below for more information on equipment and pricing.


Vivint offers a full suite of high-end home security devices and impressive home automation products, and you can customize your own package to suit your home and lifestyle. However, Vivint does require you purchase a minimum amount of equipment.

The standard set of equipment required costs $549, which includes the Vivint SkyControl touchscreen control panel, two door/window sensors, and a motion detector. Any other equipment you choose to purchase, from cameras and additional sensors to home automation devices, will be an additional fee. Equipment can be purchased upfront or financed.

Some of Vivint’s most popular add-ons include a video doorbell camera that lets you see and talk to visitors on your doorstep, an outdoor camera with infrared LED night vision, smart door locks that let you lock and unlock your doors right from your phone, a one-touch emergency button, and a garage door controller that lets you close your garage door from your phone – for all those times you just weren’t sure if you left it open or not.


As we mentioned above, Vivint requires that you purchase equipment on top of your monthly service fee for monitoring and mobile app access. The monthly service fee is either $39.99/month or $49.99/month, depending on which features you want. Vivint offers both long-term service contracts and month-to-month agreements, but month-to-month is only available when equipment is purchased upfront in full.

Equipment starts at $549 for the minimum package required. This includes the Vivint SkyControl touchscreen control panel, two door/window sensors, and a motion detector. Additional equipment will cost you anywhere from $35 (additional sensors) to $300 (outdoor camera). Equipment can be purchased upfront or financed at 0% APR for up to 60 months with no down payment.

On top of equipment and monthly service fees, Vivint also charges a fee for professional installation. This can run anywhere from $49 – $249, but there are special offers available for waived or discounted installation. Make sure to shop around for these online or inquire with a Vivint representative before signing up!

Sign Up

If you’re comfortable spending a little more for added peace of mind with top-notch security and convenient home automation, you could do a lot worse than Vivint. All their products are intelligently designed, from their 2-way talk, 1-way video HD resolution doorbell camera to their touchscreen control panel. Their Smart Home Specialists and professional monitoring center will also ensure your home is monitored 24/7/365.

Give Vivint a call and start your journey to a smarter, more protected home today.


  • Build-Your-Own Custom Packages Available
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cameras Available
  • Professional Installation
  • Garage Door Control