Smart Surveillance Software and DIY Home Security

Using surveillance software with a do-it-yourself security camera system gives you some key advantages in controlling and customizing what you see. Aside from the obvious benefits of recording and viewing what’s happening when you aren’t around, here is an “intelligent” way to customize those views.

Vitamin D Pro Software

Vitamin D Pro Edition supports multiple web or IP cameras and runs on a Mac or PC. What makes Vitamin D unique is that it uses “smart video” – not just motion detection. Software motion detectors can often trigger false alarms, especially if detecting movement from pets, swaying branches or cars turning around in the driveway.

This sophisticated object recognition capability has only been available in expensive surveillance systems that require hours of configuration by a security expert.

Pattern Recognition

Vitamin D is  “intelligent” software developed and based on a theory of how the brain recognizes patterns. This theory, called Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) is the basis for a new technology from Numenta, a company founded by mobile computing industry pioneers Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky. HTM allows computers to learn and recognize patterns in very large amounts of complex data accurately.

The system permits you to specify the size and type of objects that will trigger a response. Instead of receiving a notification every time something moves, you can set it to notify only when it detects a person. Set specific pre-established areas of the frame to catch a person walking through a doorway or cars coming into a parking lot.

Rules and Trigers

Setting up rules and triggers through Vitamin D is simple. With its easy-to-use interface, the rule editor gives you options to select what you want to see and what the software should do if a rule is broken. Do you want it to begin recording? Send you a text notification? Sound an alarm?

When rules are established, Vitamin D adds color coded boxes for these. So if your rules are set up to detect a person walking through the frame, every time the software detects this, it will be the same color in each frame. This saves hours of searching though video and makes it easy to find specific events quickly by searching image thumbnails.

Arm or disarm each camera with one click and program an activation delay so you can leave the room or house before your rule notification kicks in.

If you only want to control two cameras, Vitamin D’s Basic Edition is affordable and offers all the features of the Pro Edition. Vitamin D is great for use at home, the office, small retail locations and schools or any other location in need of cost-effective detailed monitoring.

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