What are Flood Sensors in Home Security Systems?

One important element of home and business security is the use of an environmental security system. And one of the most important security alarms in the environmental area is a flood alarm warning system.

If you’re residing in an area that is prone to flooding, or in a climate that varies in temperature from hot to cold which can adversely effect water pipes and plumbing, investing in a flood security alarm system is a prudent idea.

All flood alarms have sensors which trigger an alarm system designed to alert you to potential floods and leaks. The sound these alarms generate alert home or business owners if there is a leak or if water reaches the sensors for any reason. Obviously, utilizing such a system is important for the safety of you and your family, and equally important in terms of minimizing damages to possessions and property.

Flood alarms function in a very simple fashion. Set the flood sensor at whatever level is appropriate – floor level or perhaps several feet up to alert you if a pond, ornamental fountain, pool, or other water producing unit is about to over flow or crests a safe level. Most flood alarms are manufactured using heavy, water proof plastic, with screws binding the device to prevent any water from damaging the actual alarm system. Most such alarms also utilize battery rather than electric power with battery components water tight to prevent shorting.

Although such flood security alarm systems are basic in construction and functionality, their simplicity doesn’t mean they’re not effective. In fact these simple alarms can save home and business owners a great deal of money in preventing or limiting flood damage. You can set your alarm to provide notification the moment moisture reaches the device – they can be set to let you know if as little as one thirty-second of an inch of water has reached it. This offers a significant lead time between, for example, a leak from a broken water pipe simply creating a damp carpet or the same pipe flooding a room and destroying computers, televisions, or other possessions.

Flood alarms quite literally can allow you to stop flooding before items or property are severely damaged. Even a short amount of warning time can allow you to act quickly enough to contain a leak or actually stop it. Eliminating possession loss is just one useful element of such an alarm system. The early warning from a flood alarm can also prevent mold growth which not only damages property and possessions but can also be a major health risk for your family. Remember, setting a flood alarm near any potential leak source allows you fast access to stop further damage to your property, remove near by possessions from harm’s way, and keep your family safe from hazards due to water damage.

Security systems are always utilized to protect your property from an intruder. Water sensor  security is designed to successfully protect your property from a particularly destructive intruder – flooding.

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