7 Cheap Home Security Measures You Can Take Today

In an ideal world you’d have the latest and greatest in home security system technology. The fact is, however, not everyone can afford a state of the art home security system. And, while there are budget home security systems out there, sometimes they just aren’t terribly effective.

Here are seven relatively inexpensive things you can do today to protect your home:

  1. Lie about it. Put signs in your yard that advertise you own a home security system. Burglars may not be able to recognize whether or not you actually have one, so putting up home security signs can be a deterrent to some criminals. In many cases, they’ll just move on to the next house.
  2. Close your garage door. One of the most common entry points to your house is your garage door. Don’t leave it open at night or when you’re not home. It’s an invitation to burglars.
  3. Be neighborly. If your neighbors are on good terms, they may be more likely to call the cops if they witness something suspicious. Neighborhood Watch programs have proven effective, too.
  4. Store your valuables somewhere other than the bedroom. If a thief breaks in, he’s usually going right for the bedroom. That’s where most people store valuables. Put yours somewhere else.
  5. Put in motion sensitive lighting. Burglars don’t like to operate in broad daylight, or in bright lights that shine one them suddenly at night.
  6. Make it noisy. Simply leaving the television on when you’re gone can leave the impression that someone is home, and will deter some burglars.
  7. Ask police for a safety checkup. Many local police agencies are willing to send someone out to do a home security and safety checkup. Take advantage of this if it’s offered in your area.

Your home’s security is in your hands. Even without hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a home security system, there are things you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings. Follow these steps today to start securing your home and protecting it from burglars.

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I grew up in a place where crime rates were high and all sorts of things were constantly going missing from the yard, the shed and sometimes even from inside our house. The funniest thing that has been stolen from me were the light bulbs from the porch! I learned the value of home security practices from an early age and I hope this blog will help others keep their valuables and feel safe at home.