The Battle of Our Best Home Alarm Systems

by Billy B. editor | ADVERTISEMENT
Apr 18, 2016
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There are three home security companies creating systems that protect homes better than anything we've seen on the market previously. But how do they compare to each other? Read on to find out which is deserving of being called the best home security system.

The FBI recently released their United States crime statistics report, which shows there were over 8 million property crimes committed in 20145. That means roughly 7% of US households suffered from a property crime last year6. Over a five-year span, 1 in 3 American households will be the victim of a property crime6. It's truly shocking.

With crime rates that high, how can you protect yourself and your family? If your goal is to help protect your children, keep your valuables safe while youre off to work each day, be alerted to break-ins in real-time when you're on vacation, or just increase your peace of mind, then you'll want to learn about the latest developments in the home security industry. There are great home security system options out there that will do things you've never heard of, at a low price that will surprise you.

We want to highlight three companies that we believe stand head and shoulders above the rest due to innovations in technology:

Our Rating
*9.5 /10
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Key Features:
Pulse Remote Video Surveillance
Our Rating
*9.5 /10
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Key Features:
Doorbell Camera
Remote Door Lock Control
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*9.4 /10
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Key Features:
Wireless Security System
ADT – Integrating the Whole Home Into One System

ADT is home security's long-time heavyweight, but they're not just resting on their big name and customer loyalty. Their premium Pulse system impressively ties remote security, lifestyle management, and home automation, all controllable from a single device.

Pulse's remote security allows homeowners to remotely arm and disarm the system, monitor water and flood sensors, and customize when they receive alerts.

Their lifestyle management options include the ability to access video security content such as seeing who is at the front door while standing at your control panel.

Finally, Pulse can control your thermostat, allowing you to turn off the air/heat while you're away, or turn it on shortly before coming home.

ADT is currently FREE installation on ADT Pulse Video when signing a contract. We suggest calling for more details.

FREE Installation on ADT Pulse Video*
*36-month monitoring contract required with EasyPay and Extended Warranty. Termination fee applies.
Call 844-326-3999
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Vivint – From the Big Screen to Your Home

The future has finally arrived thanks to Vivint. Like something out of a movie, Vivint's security systems enable you to peer at intruders on your doorstep through your doorbell. Perhaps even cooler is the feature to unlock doors of your home remotely, so when your kids get home from school and forget their keys you don't need to race there to let them in (or worse, make them wait out in the cold for hours).

Vivint hooks up homeowners with over $1,300 in free equipment when signing a contract, providing homeowners with a sleek control panel and sensors for doors, windows, smoke, and CO2.

Get up to $1,300 in equipment for FREE!° °Upgraded Service plan required. See below for important details.
Call 866-278-9277
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Protect America – Affordable Home Security

Protect America offers impressive security features to help protect you, your family and the life you’ve worked so hard to build. The company designs customized security systems for your home, which means you only receive the services you need to help you sleep soundly at night, knowing that your home is being monitored for all kinds of hazards. The monitoring service provided by Protect America covers you all day, every day.

Protect America also offers convenient home access features, which can be really empowering in a world of uncertainty. Using any computer’s browser window or using the SMART Connect mobile app, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your system wherever you go. Add the Z-Wave automation feature in conjunction with the mobile app, and now you have a true “Smart” home – allowing you to lock your door in case you forget while rushing out the door for work, for example. You can also utilize surveillance cameras, which can provide the confidence of seeing that your home is safe and secure with your own two eyes.

Protect America is currently two free key chain remotes when signing a contract. We suggest calling for more details.

2 FREE Keychains, No Activation Fees, No Equipment Fees
when you sign up for one of their packages.
Call 855-712-9317
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