Top 5 Home Alarm Systems for 2013

It’s very interesting and exciting for us to research DIY home alarm options and recommend our finding to our readers but we realized that the majority of our audience is looking for something a little different. So, to help those of you who would rather rely on a professional home alarm system with 24/7 monitoring and quick response we researched the market to find four options which won’t break your wallet and are provided by companies with great reputation. Below are our choices for Top Home Alarm Systems – as available in 2013!

# Product Pricing Information Learn More
P: 866-691-0607
FrontPoint offers burglar and intrusion monitoring, fire, environmental and life safety monitoring.
The plan starts at 34.99 per month and comes with a variety of sensors as well as awesome home automation technology. One interesting feature that FrontPoint offers is sms alerts sent directly to your mobile phone in case of intrusion or another situation that might require your attention.
P: 866-357-2467
Lifeshield provides alarm monitoring, fire & smoke, carbon monoxide, medical and even environmental monitoring.
Their services cost as little as 29.99 per month with no installation fee. You get a free home security system! Some of the benefits that you can get with Lifeshield are free mobile monitor and their home automation technology which allows you to control your home’s appliances remotely.
P: 866-789-7405
Protect America has an interesting set of features including police, fire and medical response, land line or broadband monitoring, two-way voice monitoring as well as GPS vehicle tracking.
Their home alarm plans start at 29.99 per month and come with a lifetime warranty and part replacement policy. You can start with a free system from Protect America however upgrades like cellular monitoring come with additional cost. All of the price perks are available only for people who choose their long-term contract option.
P: 866-286-3087
ADT offers burglar, fire, medical, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring.
The price of monitoring starts at 35.99 per month. If you pay $99 for the installation you get a free security system! ADT has a long history of providing excellent service to its clients. They have agents responding to any situation 24/7. The technology available at ADT includes touchpads, remote controls, entry sensors, motion detectors, sirens as well as autonomous power supply.
P: 866-278-7595
Vivint offers a safeguard against theft, fire, and intrusion.
Their home security service starts at 49.99 per month and comes with their Go!Control, 3 door/window sensors, and 1 motion detector, key fob, and yard sign. What makes Vivint stand out from the crowd is the fact that their entire alarm system is wireless. No phone lines that can be cut, further ensuring it’s reliability even through the worst of possible scenarios.

Interview with Crestron: Affordable Luxury Home Automation Systems

For more than forty years, Crestron has used the latest digital technology to provide the world with home and commercial solutions that are both innovative and elegant. The company’s designs are not only visually striking, but they are also energy efficient and, thus, contribute to a greener environment. While known for creating luxury automation systems, Crestron’s designs remain affordable for middle-income Americans. Dedicated to moving the world toward greater high-tech lifestyles, the company focuses its efforts towards creating solutions for a variety of functional spaces including homes, schools, office environments, hospitals and hotels. With offices in more than 90 countries around the world, the award-winning company is considered a global leader in the building automation space.

As all of Crestron’s commercial and home solutions are Integrated by Design™, the environments that the company creates are not only exquisite, but also provide greater convenience, ease and control to the end-user. With most people using multiple devices for a variety of different tasks and entertainment, consolidating all of these into a single interface is precisely (more…)

Electronic Door Locks – Are They Really Safe?

When remodeling, replacing a door or simply reinforcing your home’s security, you now have another option in door locks, the electronic or digital lock. After generations have trusted manual locks for keeping their homes secure, the next generation of electronic locks use varying types of technology. However, how safe are these locks compared to our trusted mechanical locks?

Keyless locks are the product of advances in technology and improvements in security. Security risks with keyed locks include lost keys, copied keys, picked locks, lock “bumping,” or forced entry, which iseasier with a mechanical lock.

Some of the biggest safety advantages of electronic locks are simply that they do not require a key. They are also harder to pick or bump since they do not (more…)

Travel Smart – Take 25 Hotel Safety Tips with You

Most of us use common sense while traveling and take extra precautions to keep ourselves and our belonging secure. But with all that goes into a trip, it’s sometimes easy to forget or not even be aware of the hidden security dangers while staying in hotels. By remembering these tips, you’re sure to reduce your risks and hopefully have a safe, enjoyable time.

Choosing a Location

  • Once you’ve narrowed your search, note the part of town and cross streets. Trip Advisor and many other travel sites have guest reviews that can help you determine what a hotel is like. Or call the local police to ask about the hotel’s location. Using a travel agent who’s familiar with your destination is also very helpful. If you’re traveling internationally, contact the (more…)

Home Office Security – Staying Safe While Working from Home

Today, more people are working from home than ever. Whether you’re telecommuting a few days a week or running a home business, don’t forget to plan for your safety.

It’s easy to take your home office security for granted during working hours; it’s light outside and there’s activity on your street. But, did you know that 62 percent of burglaries happen during the hours of 9 am and 3 pm? That’s when a burglar suspects no one is home.

Burglaries aren’t your only risk. Securing business assets and customer information is critical. Above all, ensuring your personal safety is paramount.  While your clients may be your first priority, be sure to take these simple precautions to avoid becoming a victim while in your home office.

  1. Keep doors and windows locked. Burglars are looking for an easy way in. If your home office is in the back or upstairs, you may not hear or (more…)

Lowe’s Brings Affordable Cloud-Based Home Automation

It is 2012 and home automation may not be quite what we thought it would be 20 or 30 years ago. Though we don’t all have a household iRobot, our homes are becoming more automated as the technology continues to go mainstream. Lowe’s Home Improvement has introduced a new cloud-based smart home solution called Iris. The Iris home system allows you to monitor and control system devices from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Though Iris is not new technology, and home automation is not new to the big box stores, Iris is one of the first home automation systems offered by a big retailer. In addition to offering the hardware, Lowe’s provides a free basic self-monitoring service.

Iris Home Automation Kits

Iris helps make home automation simple and affordable for more consumers than ever before. It can be customized to fit your lifestyle needs and is available in three different starter kits.

Iris Safe & Secure Kit ($179) - Safe & Secure gives you a basic level of home security including a motion detector, contact sensors for doors, windows or (more…)

Smart Surveillance Software and DIY Home Security

Using surveillance software with a do-it-yourself security camera system gives you some key advantages in controlling and customizing what you see. Aside from the obvious benefits of recording and viewing what’s happening when you aren’t around, here is an “intelligent” way to customize those views.

Vitamin D Pro Software

Vitamin D Pro Edition supports multiple web or IP cameras and runs on a Mac or PC. What makes Vitamin D unique is that it uses “smart video” – not just motion detection. Software motion detectors can often trigger false alarms, especially if detecting movement from pets, swaying branches or cars turning around in the driveway.

This sophisticated object recognition capability has only been available in (more…)

Interview with Steve Harris from Think Automatic – Home Automation is Getting Smarter!

Home automation has become increasing in popularity among tech savvy home owners; however you don’t have to be tech savvy to be able to make your home smarter and more energy efficient. I had the pleasure of talking with Steve Harris, an inventor who is currently in the process of crowdfunding his project, the Luminode. Imagine that all your light switches could talk to each other and remember how you like your lights setup during different times of the day. This is exactly what the Luminode does, without requiring any extra wiring! Check out the interview below to learn more about the Luminode and other future products from Think Automatic that can add substantial value to your home. How long have you been working on home automation projects?

Steve Harris (Think Automatic): I’ve been interested in home automation for many years.  I installed X10 devices in my home and started playing with systems back in 1995, but I first got professionally involved with home automation when (more…)

7-Ways to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Burglars

Does your home have appeal? Is your home among the most attractive on the block to a would-be burglar? Did you know home security starts at the curb?

By taking a thief’s view of your home, you can easily spot areas of potential trouble. A prowler casing your neighborhood is looking for some very specific things that will help him get in and get out fast. These include:

  1. Overgrown landscape
  2. No lighting
  3. Open or unlocked windows and doors
  4. No visible security sign or window stickers  
  5. No outdoor (more…)

Smart Tools: Home Alarm Monitoring via Your Smartphone

Would you be lost without your smartphone? Do you have an “app” for every conceivable convenience from Shop Savvy to Flashlight? If so, here’s another thing you can add to the list of smart tools your smartphone can help you manage, home alarm system monitoring.

Yes, you can even control things at home through your smartphone. Now you can receive reminders to activate your alarm system, remotely activate your air conditioner and view video images of what‘s happening when you aren‘t there.

This technology is not new, but until now was really only available for high end homes with high dollar price tags. We all know how fast technology advances, and now home automation is more affordable and ready to go mainstream.

Last year ADT Security launched its award winning service called (more…)

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